Car Accessories

  1. Ice Scraper PEVE0021

    ice scraper billboard
    Ice Scraper with squeegee blade 70 x 70mm. White, green or yellow. Made from recycled vending cups

    From£0.42 Each

  2. Ice Scraper PEVE0022

    Ice scraper with handle and 100mm single rubber strip. White, made from recycled styrene.

    From£0.56 Each

  3. Air Freshener PEVE0023

    Board based hanging car air freshener with plastic hook for hanging. Standard shapes ca. 70mm are...

    From£0.34 Each

  4. Car Stickers PEVE0024

    Car stickers
    Self adhesive vinyl car bumper stickers 50sq cm.

    From£0.19 Each

  5. Window Stickers PEVE0025

    Window stickers
    Self adhesive clear vinyl window stickers. 50sqcm. Peelable, any shape on A4 sheets.

    From£0.12 Each

  6. Car Flags PFLA0009

    Polyester white flag with personalised print that fits to a cars window. 45 x 30cm with 44cm mast

    From£1.31 Each

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