1. Click Clack Tins of Mints PRTY0001

    Click Clack Tins of Mints
    Clickit 53mm sweet tin filled with mints or jelly beans. Digitally printed label.

    From£1.19 Each

  2. Ball Lollies PRTY0002

    Ball Lollies
    Ball lollies (13g) with repeat pattern printed on clear wrappers. All one flavours from a variety...

    From£0.15 Each

  3. Bags of Sweets PRTY0003

    Bags of Sweets
    Clear bag containing approx 25g of sweets. Choice of jelly beans, chololate beans, mini mints, mini...

    From£0.67 Each

  4. Mint Cards PRTY0004

    Mint Cards
    Card sized dispenser containing 50 mini mints (50g). 69mm x 40mm.

    From£0.47 Each

  5. Personalised Sweets PRTY0005

    Personalised Sweets
    Fruit or mint flavour oval sweets with printed wrappers. Minimum quantity is 25kg (5250 sweets)....

    From£0.08 Each

  6. Rock Sweets PRTY0006

    Rock Sweets
    Rock sweets with wording reproduced through the whole sweet. Logo or up to maximum of 20 letters

    From£0.05 Each

  7. Mini Lollies PRTY0007

    Single Colour Mini Lollies with flavours
    Trick or Treat! Lollies wrapped in cellophane with your logo printed on a 38mm adhesive label and...

    From£0.22 Each

  8. Chocolates PRTY0008

    chocolate neapolitans
    Chocolate squares (5g). Available in milk or dark chocolate. Wrapped in silver or gold foil.

    From£0.12 Each

  9. Box of Jelly Beans PRTY0009

    40mm Cube
    40mm cube bos filled with jelly beans. Digital print on all sides and the top.

    From£1.11 Each

  10. Truffle Box PRTY0010

    Box containing 2 delicious truffles, choice of flavours.

    From£1.96 Each