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  1. Truffle Box PRTY0010

    Box containing 2 delicious truffles, choice of flavours.

    From£1.96 Each

  2. Lanyards PEVE0002

    Lanyard Screen printed_326
    Flat woven polyester lanyards in stock colours: Black, white, reflex blue, royal blue, navy blue,...

    From£0.43 Each

  3. Erasers - Rainbow POFF0025C

    Erasers rainbow
    Rainbow Eraser 50mm x 32mm x 5mm.

    From£0.14 Each

  4. Jute Shopping Bag PBAG0011

    Natural look jute bags with short cotton cord handles - strong and re-useable. 35 x 35 x 15cm and...

    From£1.58 Each

  5. Rucksacks PBAG0006R

    Lightweight Natural 6oz Cotton Backpack. 47.5cm x 38cm.

    From£1.04 Each

  6. Paper Carrier Bags - 32 x 41 x 12cm PBAG00018

    P1050550 2
    Smooth or Ribbed Kraft 100gsm paper carrier bag 32 x 41 x 12cm with twisted paper handle. White or...

    From£0.70 Each

  7. Paper Carrier Bags - 24 x 31 x 12cm PBAG00017

    P10505562 2
    Smooth or Ribbed Kraft 100gsm paper carrier bag 24 x 31 x 12cm with twisted paper handle. White or...

    From£0.59 Each

  8. Paper Carrier Bags - 18 x 22 x 8cm PBAG00016

    Kraft Bags 2
    Smooth or Ribbed Kraft 100gsm paper carrier bag 18 x 22 x 8cm with twisted paper handle. White or...

    From£0.54 Each

  9. Electronic Earbud Set POFF0034

    Earbud Set (Spot Colour) Black - Copy
    Earbud Set in 68 x 68mm printed plastic case

    From£2.09 Each

  10. Electronic Jam Earbud Set POFF0036

    Jam Ear Buds - Blue (Spot Colour)
    Earbud Set in 54 x 21mm printed plastic case. Red, Blue, Black or White

    From£0.69 Each

  11. Espace Silver PPEN0061A

    espace - silver
    Twist action ballpen with matching barrel and cap. Blue ink.

    From£0.23 Each

  12. Recycled Sticky Notes POFF00151R

    Sticky notes in pads of 50 sheets of recycled paper, printed on each sheet. 100mm x 75mm.

    From£0.32 Each

  13. Coaster - Clear Acrylic + Printed Insert POFF0007

    C03 Printed Coaster
    Round 81mm dia. or square 87 x 87mm

    From£0.65 Each

  14. Fleece Blanket PEVE0027

    Fleece Blanket 50 x 60 inches, 50% cotton 50% polyester, 325gsm, choice of 16 colours. Includes...

    From£7.76 Each

  15. Beach Towel PEVE0028

    Digitally Printed Towel
    Digitally Printed Velour Beach Towel 70 x 140cm. Origination and carriage included.

    From£11.46 Each

  16. Hand Towel PEVE0029

    Digitally printed Sports Towel 70% cotton 30% micro fibre 400gsm - Copy (002)
    Digitally Printed Velour Hand Towel 30 x 50cm. Origination and carriage included.

    From£3.42 Each

  17. Sticky Notes POFF00151

    Sticky notes in pads of 50 sheets, printed on each sheet. 75mm x 75mm.

    From£0.28 Each

  18. Sticky Notes Mini Fun Block 75x75x38mm POFF00152

    Sticky Notes Mini Fun Block 380 sheets. 75x75x38mm printed same design on 4 sides

    From£1.94 Each

  19. Lanyards - dye sublimation PEVE0001

    Dye sublimated lanyards
    Soft polyester ribbon with dye sublimation 100% full colour print on 2 sides. Prices are for 15mm...

    From£0.59 Each

  20. Environmental Flags - Recycled Paper and Biodegradable Stick PFLA0001R

    Flag green
    NEW! Environmental Flags. Low cost large flag 130x170mm and biodegradable, child-safe stick 360mm....

    From£0.18 Each

  21. Hand-waving Flags PFLA0001

    Flag 1 col tidied
    Low cost, Large flag 130x170mm, child-safe stick 320mm. Strong 130gsm paper with sealer....

    From£0.15 Each

  22. Windmills PTOY0029

    Printed full colour both sides with the same image. Base colour white. Sticks and pegs supplied...

    From£0.34 Each

  23. Spiral Hat PTOY0028

    Spiral Hat
    Spiral card hat with design for colouring in. Base colour is white - hats printed on the top only....

    From£0.29 Each

  24. Car Flags PFLA0029

    Car Flag
    Polyester white flag with personalised print that fits to a cars window. 45 x 30cm with 44cm mast...

    From£1.31 Each

  25. Shelf Flags PFLA0008

    Shelf Flag
    A4 flag printed on 130gsm silk paper with 33cm x 7mm pole with cap and self-adhesive 30 degree...

    From£1.47 Each

  26. Bunting PBUNT0007

    bunting- triangular white
    Paper bunting suitable for indoor use. Sold in 10 meter lengths (24 triangular pennants) digital...

    From£9.28 Each

  27. Portrait Flags PFLA0012

    Framed advertising flag made from weatherproof 117gsm knitted polyester. Single or double sided...

    From£57.98 Each

  28. Mini Lollies PRTY0007

    Single Colour Mini Lollies with flavours
    Trick or Treat! Lollies wrapped in cellophane with your logo printed on a 38mm adhesive label and...

    From£0.22 Each

  29. Electronic Earbud Tri-Set POFF0035

    Tri-Earbuds (Spot Colour) 1
    Earbud Set in 65 x 60mm printed plastic case

    From£1.87 Each

  30. Reusable Name Badge Rectangular PBAD0003D

    Metal Badge with Printed Insert, Domed Finish and Digital Print 73 x 35mm rectangle.

    From£1.37 Each

  31. Name Badge Oval PBAD0003C

    Metal Badge with Domed Finish and Digital Print 70 x 53mm oval.

    From£2.25 Each

  32. Name Badge Rectangular with Frame PBAD0003B

    Metal Badge with Frame and Domed Finish and Digital Print 73 x 35mm rectangle.

    From£2.46 Each

  33. Name Badge Rectangular PBAD0003A

    wcma metal-personalised-1-800x600-01
    Metal Badge with Domed Finish and Digital Print 73 x 35mm rectangle.

    From£2.25 Each

  34. T-Shirts Valueweight PGART0002

    T-Shirts Valueweight
    Fruit of the Loom Valueweight - 160gsm white, 165gsm coloured, 100% cotton. Prices for white...

    From£2.00 Each

  35. Plane PTOY0012A

    Foam glider printed on wing. Comes flat packed for self assembly.

    From£0.61 Each

  36. Fridge Magnets Flexible PMAG0003

    Credit Card and shapes within 90 x 60mm

    From£0.13 Each

  37. Fridge Magnets Flexible Large PMAG0003A

    Shapes within 125 x 85cm

    From£0.27 Each

  38. Fridge Magnets Acrylic PMAG0001

    acrylic fridge Magnet
    Clear plastic, rectangular 56mm x 41mm x 6mm.Printed on insert on one side.

    From£0.31 Each

  39. Window Stickers PEVE0025

    Window stickers
    Self adhesive clear vinyl window stickers. 50sqcm. Peelable, any shape on A4 sheets.

    From£0.12 Each

  40. Car Stickers PEVE0024

    Car stickers
    Self adhesive vinyl car bumper stickers 50sq cm.

    From£0.19 Each

  41. Air Freshener PEVE0023

    Board based hanging car air freshener with plastic hook for hanging. Standard shapes ca. 70mm are...

    From£0.34 Each

  42. Ice Scraper PEVE0022

    Ice scraper with handle and 100mm single rubber strip. White, made from recycled styrene.

    From£0.56 Each

  43. Ice Scraper PEVE0021

    ice scraper billboard
    Ice Scraper with squeegee blade 70 x 70mm. White, green or yellow. Made from recycled vending cups

    From£0.42 Each

  44. Shot Glass PEVE0019

    Shot Glass 47x47mm. 6 bright colour options.

    From£0.52 Each

  45. Stirrers PEVE0018

    stirrer 3 (hp)
    10 different shapes and sizes at same price. Call our Sales Team on 01494 774 376 to order a...

    From£0.18 Each

  46. Bottle Opener 57mm PEVE0017

    New Bottle Opener Image 2
    Promotional Bottle Opener 57mm. Base material is white.

    From£0.49 Each

  47. Bottle Opener PEVE0016

    Bottle Opener Keyring
    Bottle opener on a keyring 68 x 13mm. 10 bright colour options.

    From£0.24 Each

  48. Beermats PEVE0015

    Beermats. 1.2mm pulp board 94 x 94mm square or round. Base colour white. Printed 4 colour on 1 or 2...

    From£0.08 Each

  49. Body Tattoo PEVE0011

    tattoo 2 copy
    Temporary body tattoos on individual cards. Prices for 38 x 38mm. Prease call our Sales Team for...

    From£0.07 Each

  50. Condoms PEVE0012

    2 condoms
    Foil wrapped condom in a printed matchbook 59x68mm

    From£0.32 Each

  51. Sun Glasses PEVE0010

    Sunglasses with CE standard compliance and 100% UV 400 protection lenses.136 x 46 x 44mm. 10...

    From£0.91 Each

  52. Powerstix PEVE0009

    powerstix - blue
    Bang together to support your team. 2 Powerstix per pack includes straw for inflation. 60cm x...

    From£0.39 Each

  53. Foam Hands PEVE0008

    Supporters giant foam hands 45cm to finger tip, 22cm accross palm. White, black, royal blue, light...

    From£1.26 Each

  54. Water - Bottled PEVE0007

    330ml Bottles of still water with a personalised label and screw cap.

    From£0.55 Each

  55. Sports Bottles 750cc PEVE0006

    750ml Web image
    Plastic Sports Bottles, push-pull top. Clear, black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, silver

    From£1.16 Each

  56. Sports Bottles 500cc PEVE0005

    500ml_Web image
    Plastic Sports Bottles, push-pull top. Clear, black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, silver

    From£0.94 Each

  57. Poncho - printed PEVE0004

    Disposable emergency rain poncho with hood 50 x 80" in pouch. Made from 0.2mm PE. Colours: 10...

    From£0.89 Each

  58. Wristbands PEVE0003

    Silicon Wristbands
    Silicon wristbands pantone match, Adult 202mm, Junior 180mm. Debossed with 1 colour infill.

    £0.00 Each

  59. Table Flags PFLA0002

    Desk Flag
    Table or desk flag 85x80mm, printed on 300gsm card, 20cm x 7mm pole with cap and self-adhesive...

    From£0.15 Each

  60. Activity Book A4 IDOODLEA4

    Activity Book
    A4 4 page, 170g uncoated paper, 4 colour cover with 3 pages 1 colour. 7 Stock designs: Cars, Farm,...

    From£0.15 Each

  61. Mini Memo Holder POFF00131

    Comes with 500 plain sheets, print on 3 sides of the holder. 103mm x 103mm x 54mm.

    From£2.05 Each

  62. Credit Card Calculator POFF0031

    credit card calculator
    Credit card sized, solar powered calculator. 85mm x 55mm x 5mm. Black or white

    From£0.61 Each

  63. Car Flags PFLA0009

    Polyester white flag with personalised print that fits to a cars window. 45 x 30cm with 44cm mast

    From£1.31 Each

  64. Squeezy Football PTOY0019B

    Foam Football 63mm

    From£0.72 Each

  65. Keyring - Adloops PKEY0009

    Keyring - Adloops
    Keyring with printed 180mm loop strap

    From£24.00 Each

  66. Bio S PPEN0102R

    BioS 500px
    Biodegradable/Compostable pen 80% derived from plants. Clear barrel and button, frosted top. Black...

    From£0.24 Each

  67. Palm PPEN0103

    Palm - black
    Metal ballpen with silver tip, band and clip. Silver or black. Engraving recommended. Price for...

    From£1.15 Each

  68. Charity Ribbon PRIB0001

    Burgundy Lapel Ribbon
    Satin acetate ribbon 12mm width with brass safety pin. 1 colour print only in 2 positions

    From£0.20 Each

  69. Mini Football PTOY0019

    Mini Football
    Football 11cm / 12 panel stitched PVC supplied uninflated with a needle pump adapter. Please call...

    £0.00 Each

  70. Pencils, round with eraser Gold/Silver PPEN0019A

    BG pencil - Gold
    Round wood pencil with eraser.

    From£0.08 Each

  71. Standard Banner PBANNER02

    Standard Banner 200cm x 76cm 100% woven soft polyester, edged with white webbing and fitted with...

    From£20.00 Each

  72. Small Banner PBANNER01

    Small Banner 150cm x 32cm 100% woven soft polyester, edged with white webbing and fitted with brass...

    From£12.75 Each

  73. Mugs - ColourCoat Bell PMUG0003C

    Bell Colourcoat
    Pantone match colour body and handle, inside remains white. Hand washing recommended.

    From£2.30 Each

  74. Mugs - ColourCoat Marrow PMUG0005C

    Marrow Colourcoat
    Pantone match colour body and handle, inside remains white. Hand washing recommended.

    From£2.73 Each

  75. Counter Badges 150mm PBAD0001M

    Counter Badge
    Promotional Giant Badge 150mm with safety pin OR stand. Base material is white.

    From£0.05 Each

  76. S30 Pen PPEN0011

    S30-LOW RES
    Value push button ballpen with white barrel and button and cap, coloured button and trim. Red,...

    From£0.18 Each

  77. Juggling Balls PTOY0018

    Juggling Balls
    Set of 50mm balls individually bagged (200/ctn)

    From£0.69 Each

  78. Mini Banner PBANNER

    100% woven soft polyester, 76cm x 32cm edged with white webbing and fitted with brass eyelets. Full...

    From£9.25 Each

  79. Carrier Bags - 12"x16"x3" Biodegradable PBAG00013A

    Carrier Bag
    Punched handle carrier bag made from 180/360g varigauge bio polythene.

    From£0.12 Each

  80. Mug - Travel - Stainless Steel PMUG0008A

    Mug - Travel - Stainless Steel
    Travel Mug 14oz with a stainless steel outer and insulated plastic inner.

    From£1.82 Each

  81. Mug - Photo Budget PMUG0009

    Mug - Photo Budget
    Black Durham or Sparta Ceramic Photo Mug with full colour dye sublimation print giving stunning...

    From£2.16 Each

  82. Mousemat - Hard Top POFF0001

    Mousemat - Hard Top
    SPECIAL OFFER....Hard top Mousemats with a 3 mm foam base. 200 x 235mm

    From£0.67 Each

  83. Coaster - Hard Top POFF0002

    Coaster - Hard Top
    Hard top Coaster, Mousemat composition with a 3 mm foam base. 98 x 98mm

    From£0.28 Each

  84. Coaster SmartMat POFF0004

    Coaster SmartMat
    Coaster SmartMat with a 1.5mm non-slip foam base. 98 x 98mm

    From£0.24 Each

  85. Mousemat - SmartMat POFF0003

    Soft mousemat
    SoftMat Opti-Plus, the low cost mousemats with a 1.5mm non-slip foam base. 200 x 235mm

    From£0.63 Each

  86. Brite-Mat Mousemat POFF0005

    Brite-Mat Mousemat
    High quality hard finish, low profile, non-slip mousemat with stunning full colour printing

    From£0.90 Each

  87. Desk Set POFF0006

    Desk Set
    A hard top mouse mat 200 x 200mm, a pair of hard top coasters 98 x 98mm and a flat packed pen pot...

    From£2.85 Each

  88. Recycled Coasters POFF0009R

    Recycled Coasters
    90mm square coaster made from recycled plastic

    From£0.51 Each

  89. Micro Sticky Note Holder POFF0013

    Micro Sticky Note Holder
    Micro Sticky Note Holder 65mm x 65mm x 65mm Primary colours. Printed on holder with plain sheets....

    From£3.16 Each

  90. Spiral Note Pad POFF0014

    Spiral Note Pad
    Spiral pad with 500 sheets - 64mm x 64mm x 50mm. Plain or striped colour border available.

    From£1.61 Each

  91. Fun Qube POFF0015

    Fun Qube
    Note cube printed on 4 sides with 750 plain sheets. 75mm x 75mm x 75mm.

    From£1.63 Each

  92. Button Keyring 38mm PKEY0013

    Button Keyring 38mm
    Promotional Button Keyring 38mm. Base material is white. Includes split ring only.

    From£0.18 Each

  93. Button Keyring 57mm PKEY0014

    Button Keyring 57mm
    Promotional Button Keyring 57mm. Base material is white. Includes split ring only.

    From£0.19 Each

  94. Button Badges 70x43mm Oblong PBAD0001L

    Button Badges 70x43mm Oblong
    Promotional Button Badges 70x43mm Oblong with safety pin. Base material is white.

    From£0.18 Each

  95. Button Fridgemagnet 38mm PMAG0004

    Button Fridgemagnet 38mm
    Promotional Button Fridgemagnet 38mm. Base material is white.

    From£0.13 Each

  96. Button Fridgemagnet 45mm PMAG0005

    Button Fridgemagnet 45mm
    Promotional Button Fridgemagnet 45mm. Base material is white.

    From£0.16 Each

  97. Button Fridgemagnet 57mm PMAG0006

    Button Fridgemagnet 57mm
    Promotional Button Fridgemagnet 57mm. Base material is white.

    From£0.21 Each

  98. Button Fridgemagnet 70x43mm Oblong PMAG0007

    Button Fridgemagnet 70x43mm Oblong
    Promotional Button Fridgemagnet 70x43mm Oblong. Base material is white.

    From£0.32 Each

  99. Button Mirror 57mm PBAD0001P1

    Button Mirror 57mm
    Promotional Button Mirror 57mm. Base material is white.

    From£0.19 Each

  100. Button Mirror 77mm PBAD0001P2

    Button Mirror 77mm
    Promotional Button Mirror 77mm. Base material is white.

    From£0.32 Each